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Instructions on the Proper Cleaning of Ceramic Tiles

1. Preliminary Note

In addition to their aesthetic and functional qualities, ceramic tiles also especially stand out for their ease of care. This makes them suitable for use in private, semi-public and public spaces.

All of the tiles we distribute are of very high quality. To maintain this high quality, you should always heed the information and instructions of the respective manufacturer when using cleaning agents.

Cleaning agents containing hydrofluoric acid or fluorides will damage the surface of ceramic tiles, even when diluted. You should therefore never use these types of cleaning agents.

Please note that we cannot assume liability for any damage arising from the improper or incorrect use of cleaning agents.

2. Basic Information

When cleaning glazed and unglazed ceramic floors, the following generally applies:

  • Choose the right cleaning agent. Give the cleaning agent sufficient time to work to ensure a high degree of effectiveness.
  • Use mechanical action (brushes, microfiber covers for mops, or the like) to aid in the cleaning process. However, do not use pads or brushes with abrasive grit.
  • You should mop up, rinse away, or otherwise remove the loosened dirt before it dries back onto the surface.

Additionally, scraper mats, entrance mats, walk-off zones, or dirt-trapping mats can prevent a majority of the dirt from getting onto your tile floor in the first place.

3. Initial Cleaning

Once the tiles have been laid and grouted, an initial cleaning of the surface should take place. The purpose of this initial cleaning is to remove any dirt accumulated from the installation as well as the cement haze on the tiles. It is best to remove the bulk of the dirt first by sweeping. After that, you can use an acidic cleaner to remove the cement haze, which consists mainly of installation and grouting material residues. To prevent the acid from negatively affecting cement-based joints, you should pre-wet these and rinse them thoroughly after the cleaning process or neutralize them with a suitable product.

4. Maintenance Cleaning

Simply sweep or vacuum any dry everyday dirt from the floor as needed. Light soiling can be removed with customary household cleaners, such as a neutral cleaning product, or with alkaline or acidic cleaning agents.
You should not use cleaners containing maintenance agents. In the long run, these will cause a build-up of sticky layers of grease, wax, and synthetics, which can have a negative impact on the tiles’ appearance, slip resistance, as well as the sanitary and cleaning characteristics.

5. Deep Cleaning

If the floor is heavily soiled, a deep cleaning should be performed. Ceramic flooring can be thoroughly cleaned by using special cleaning agents, allowing for a longer standing time, and by increasing mechanical action through the use of brushes and, where appropriate, scouring powder.

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